“Me” was the ungoogleable title of a brilliant debut album from Ae:ther released by Crosstown Rebels in late 2019. Discarding moody interludes and other tropes of the electronic music LP, the album is astonishing, a journey through IDM and impressionistic deep techno that measures up to some of the classic electronica long-players.

Crosstown Rebels is now releasing “We’ll Be Together,” the first single from the album with a pair of electrifying remixes. It’s out May 8th from Damian Lazarus’ label.

5 Mag wrote at the time – a different time, though seemingly referencing the times we’re in – that “Me” was picking at something dark in the zeitgeist and showing how art could nurture amid “hostile, anti-individual environments.”

“It’s natural and sometimes even a defense mechanism for the mind to turn inward when confronted by psychically or spiritually corrosive surroundings,” we wrote. “Me feels like the album of this insular moment: a pair of closed eyes in the dark or a flickering shadow on stone, with a default voice set at a low but garrulous hum.”

Ae:ther says he wrote “We’ll Be Together” in particular during “a period of uncertainty of the future ahead.” The title is an interesting nod to the current mood of anxiety and solitude. It implies faith and an enduring hope, the music itself an intimate, an almost quiet and solitary embrace. This also comes through in Moscoman’s mental remix from the new single. There’s also a remix from Francesco Mami and a new track, “Blu Lagoon.”

“We’ll Be Together” is out May 8 from Crosstown Rebels.

Ae:ther: We’ll Be Together (Original Mix)
Ae:ther: Blu Lagoon
Ae:ther: We’ll Be Together (Moscoman Remix)
Ae:ther: We’ll Be Together (Francesco Mami Remix)