Two Chicago artists you should always, always, always keep tabs on, because what they put on wax is always a delight.

Anthony Nicholson and Lailah Reich team up again (previously appearing together on “Expanding Outside”) for another deep house vocal treasure, “We Are One.” The 12″ features the deceptively sunny vocals of Reich, which can float into the clouds with the best of them and turn sharp enough to cut diamonds on a dime.

Nicholson lays a rich bed of deep vibes and soulful percussion with just a pinch of funk in the bassline to keep things curvy:

“We Are One” was released on 12″ vinyl and digitally via Bandcamp.

Anthony Nicholson & Lailah Reich: We Are One (Clairaudience) Track Listing
A1. Anthony Nicholson & Lailah Reich: We Are One (Miquifaye Vocal Mix) (08:05)
B!. Anthony Nicholson & Lailah Reich: We Are One (Miquifaye Instrulib Pass) (08:05)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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