Should be fairly obvious by now but I’m a huge supporter and fan of the brand of rugged and raw deep house and techno that has emerged from the Moscow and Russian music scene in the last five or six years. I was a bit late for the bandwagon on the amazing Private Persons label, a wax imprint which has provided a platform for artists on the cutting edge, including Locked Club/RLGN, XAN and Voin Oruwu.

The latest from Private Persons is this stellar six track EP from Art Crime. Memoirs of Naive is bursting with beauty, from emotional techno through deep house on into disconnected and ethereal ambience. Check it out:

A1 Seoul
A2 You Knew It All Before
A3 Dearth
B1 Silent Reaction
B2 Images Of You
B3 Wounds

Memoirs of Naive is out July 20 2018 on wax from Private Persons. Preorder on bandcamp.

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Artist: Art Crime
Title: Memoirs of Naive EP
Label: Private Persons
CAT: privatepersons008
Release Date: Vinyl