Even before the release of Sam Ruffillo’s Brooklyn Tapes EP, Toy Tonics teases this single track from a future remix package. Ash Lauryn’s remix of “Don’t Think Twice” appeared digitally ahead of all the others (according to the label, other, future remixers include Art of Tones and Eli Escobar). Lauryn zeros in on the original’s laid-back melody and Funkadelic-style sing-song vibes. It’s not 15 minutes of being knee-deep in the funk but she takes the short, laser-concise original and elaborates those soulful, deep grooves into a luscious extended mix. Sam’s EP of originals is one dope record, the remixes tickle you in a different place.

Sam Ruffillo: Don’t Think Twice (Ash Lauryn Remix) (Toy Tonics / Digital / January 2023)
1. Sam Ruffillo: Don’t Think Twice (Ash Lauryn Remix) (5:02)

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