Sample-heavy tracks that range from glitzy house to filthy synth pop, French producer Blazers shines on this four track EP from Skint Records. “Traffic Lights” is a sparkling little slice of bouncy house beats hotted up by heavy filters, phasers and one particularly deliciously distorted vocal sample. “Live At The Fitness Room” breaks it all down to a piano riff, soul with strings and a big beat. Ashley Beedle makes another appearance here with an intensely reconstructive edit.

Live at the Fitness Room is out now digitally via Skint Records on Traxsource.

Blazers: Live At The Fitness Room (Skint Records)
1. Blazers: Traffic Lights (5:56)
2. Blazers: Live at the Fitness Room (Ashley Beedle’s North Street Klub Mix) (10:04)
3. Blazers: Subdued (4:40)
4. Blazers: Live at the Fitness Room (6:42)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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