Never again after the Trump Era and now this will we be able to make bad puns on “deep state.” Interweaved got the bag on the debut release of the label, featuring tracks built upon a sample pack released by Brawther and used by members of his Patreon. (You can read more about his adventures in Patreon in our feature story from a year ago.)

He snagged three for this release. Sandile’s “That’s My Jam” starts it off with a dreamy deep house track rotating on a celestial dial, with engrossing vocal samples and steely percussion. Tom Jay brings some buoyant funk on “Transmissions” followed by the junkyard boogie of South Shore (of Chicago?) Garage’s “Tell The Truth.” Brawther pinned his own track “Dunes” to the end as a closer, with a bassline that growls and purrs like an untamed beast. Huge start for this imprint, appearing on vinyl in one of the better V/As released so far in 2022.

Since we first published this review, nearly every copy of this V/A was snapped up. Deeper States Vol 1 is sold out nearly everywhere; best bet may be to try the secondary market on Discogs.

V/A: Deeper States Vol 1 (Interweaved / 12″ Vinyl) Track Listing
A1. Sandile: “That’s My Jam” (6:44)
A2. Tom Jay: “Transmissions” (6:29)
B1. South Shore Garage: “Tell The Truth” (6:32)
B2. Brawther: “Dunes” (6:23)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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