Aterral remains a byword for high quality deep house as label owner Carlo returns with a three track EP called Tides. The record was made to evoke the “euphoria, the warmth, and the festive spirit of the summer season.” It’s piping hot from the jump, the title track a riot of voices, sounds, beats and samples that slide in sideways and slide back out before you know what hit you. Sometimes music tickles you, sometimes it sets your hair on fire. “Tides” is a track that sets your hair on fire.

“Temores” uses some vaguely familiar samples — I can’t put my finger on it except that I’m pretty sure I’ve only heard them as samples, not whatever the source material is. Whatever its origins, it’s got that big daft disco vibe, a dump truck of funk, freshness pouring through the speakers and slapping your cheeks red and rosy. This whole EP is a vibe, sparkling, hazy, incandescent.

⚪️ Tides Tracklisting

Carlo: Tides (Aterral / Digital)
1. Tides (05:34)
2. Temores (05:55)
3. Shuffle Fantasy (05:19)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

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