Cinthie album skylines city lights

Berlin DJ and producer and proprietor of about 75 different labels Cinthie is preparing to bring her debut album to Will Saul’s Aus Music.

Crowned by the twin antlers of Chicago’s Willis Tower on the cover, Skylines City Lights is the title of the 12 track LP. Bringing a unique but eminently credible spin to deep house and techno, Cinthie’s releases in the last half-decade have attracted a tribe of admirers around the world.

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Skylines City Lights (the album title is an amalgamation of two track titles) is the perfection of this sound and a directional marker toward new horizons. “Houze Muzik” is a sleazy send-up of classic Chicago. “2k Garage” is sliced and diced like Todd Edwards is the angel looking over her shoulder. “Horizon” reminds me of the early ’00s Chicago movement of producers making mischief with analog machines. There are 12 tracks on Skylines City Lights and each of them is essential.

Cinthie’s Skylines City Lights will be released on July 17 2020 on Aus Music. Listen to “Bassline” from the pre-order on Aus Music’s Bandcamp where three tracks from the album have also been released as a single:

1. Cinthie: Skylines
2. Cinthie: Houze Muzik
3. Cinthie: Concentrate
4. Cinthie: 2k Garage
5. Cinthie: Horizon
6. Cinthie: No One Can Take You from Me
7. Cinthie: Bassline
8. Cinthie: Flashback
9. Cinthie: Calling
10. Cinthie: Citylights
11. Cinthie: Morning in Melbourne
12. Cinthie: 803 the Meme Queen


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Artist: Cinthie
Title: Bassline
Label: Aus Music
Release Date: May 22 2020 (Bassline)/July 17 2020 (LP)