Could not let another month pass without injecting some of the good shit Z Records has been selling into our music lists.

“Starlight” is Dave Lee’s first single of the year and a collaboration with soul legend Omar. Showered in neo-soul, “Starlight” hangs on a gorgeous hook, a chorus that elevates a mid-tempo track into a soul-with-strings tour de force.

The radio edit starts with this cosmic disco synth effect followed by those heavy, crunching beats — a touch not present on the Club and Album Edits, but which really adds something to a short (in this era, made for Spotify) radio edit. It’s a small thing — really — but wish more producers came up with clever ideas like this, something which is added to the original to make a radio edit pop, rather than simply shoving the chorus up front the way Spotify edits usually go. Check it out:

In any event: more songwriting & arrangement mastery from Lee and a stirring performance from Omar. Listen to the full release here:

“Starlight” is out now from Z Records and available at Traxsource or Bandcamp.

Dave & Omar: Starlight (Z Records) Track Listing
1. Dave & Omar: Starlight (Dave Lee’s Club Edit) (06:51)
2. Dave & Omar: Starlight (Extended Album Mix) (07:06)
3. Dave & Omar: Starlight (Extended Instrumental) (07:10)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Z Records.



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