If I was running a label, I hope the catalog would look a lot like Selections. With releases from Nick Holder, Kai Alcé, 83 West, Demuir, Dan Only and Black Loops, Selections has gotten that perfect blend of local and international, new blood and established masters — a recognition of the Black roots of deep house and a nod to the universal network that has kept it fresh.

Next up is Intr0beatz, who we’ve been following for years and who gets both sides of a 12″ for some of the Iceland-based DJ’s best work to date. “That Dank” is moody deep house with that jackin’ movement — an idle engine that gets revved up as it warms up. The pressure rises on “Don’t Worry” and Intr0beatz hits some spiritual highs on “Rib Dub.”

Deep Dish Dank is out now on 12″ vinyl from selections; copies available at Juno.

Intr0beatz: Deep Dish Dank EP (Selections / 12″ Vinyl / May 2022) Track Listing
A1. Intr0beatz: “That Dank” (7:42)
A2. Intr0beatz: “Move With Me” (6:05)
B1. Intr0beatz: “Don’t Worry” (6:00)
B2. Intr0beatz: “Rib Dub” (5:43)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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