Detroit Swindle Lives the High Life

As Detroit Swindle embark on an American tour, their new LP High Life is turning heads.

Another fucking deep house album.

That’s what you’re saying, and I don’t blame you because I’ve said it too. Another 72 minutes of 4/4 drums that come out of can, and hokey interludes and intros to try to give shape and character to a shapeless, bland morass.

But you (and I) would be mistaken to come into a listening session for Detroit Swindle‘s High Life with that kind of shitty attitude. As the name implies, the duo’s second LP is a tour encompassing all of the music of a vibrant Planet Earth, only sometimes tweaked and tailored to fit into a soul-driven deep house format. “Call of the Wild” is an entirely new sound for the Swindlers. If you heard this track on the long-running World Music program Afropop Worldwide, you wouldn’t do a spit take (the presence of “Dutch nine-piece brass band Jungle by Night” helps) or think it out of place at all.

Their collaboration with Tom Misch, “Yes No Maybe” will almost certainly be compared with Jamiroquai or The Brand New Heavies, as will the calm and beatless “The Girl From Shiraz.” Yeah, it kind of fits the description of one of those interludes I mentioned, but there’s nothing hokey about this.

The second half of High Life gets more electronic; starting with “Flavourism,” the current single featuring Seven Davis, Jr, you have four tracks ready to play, and like all good music they go with anything.

This is a brave move for a couple of DJs who made their name at a certain moment when Deep House flirted with the mainstream. It’s also the antidote for a certain kind of boring and monotonous musical experience that’s lulled many listeners to sleep. It’s alive, it’s vibrant, and thrilling.

For those in the states, Detroit Swindle is taking a live show on the road, including to Smartbar in Chicago on Saturday June 9. That’s this Saturday, people, and the rest of the dates are as below.


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Artist: Detroit Swindle
Title: High Life LP
Label: Heist Recordings
Release Date: Vinyl + Digital out now