Detroit’s Filthiest, aka DJ Nasty, aka 313 Bass Mechanics, aka Julian Shamou makes a return appearance on Defrostatica with a new EP called Fight To The Finish coming in mid-November 2021.

The Leipzig label released his Honor Among Thieves EP in 2018 and specializes in “footwork, juke, jungle & ghettotech,” which actually sounds like a pretty good description of the kind of music Detroit’s Filthiest makes and the four tracks on Fight To The Finish in particular, from the mental d’n’b of “Failure 2 Launch” to the stomping, electro-tinged footwork of “Get The Strap”:

Fight To the Finish is being released on vinyl and digital on November 19, 2021 from Defrostatica.

Detroit’s Filthiest: Fight To The Finish Track Listing
A1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Get the Strap
A2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Secure the Bag
B1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Failure 2 Launch
B2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Motor City Blues

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by EPM.

Photo: Julian Shamou (supplied)