Dimitri from Paris and Italian supremo DJ Rocca team up for one of the rousing dancefloor anthems of the summer.

“Ero Disco Theme” is a play on Dimitri and Rocca’s longtime collaboration, Erodiscotique, which released four EPs and an album between 2011 and 2017 on Gomma.

As luck would have it we have a new mix and interview from Rocca coming up in the next issue of 5 Mag and he talked about the making of this choice cut:

“‘Ero Disco Theme’ was born in a very spontaneous way: I used a Trillian VST to play the bassline, and a few guitar samples on a disco drum. I sent the stems to Dimitri, and he edited everything in his way, adding his vocal through a vocoder, some percussions and few Simmons effects. He gave me the track back again, I added a Jupiter 6 solo and Dimitri did the final mix.”


Ero Disco Theme is part of a new EP from Dimitri from Paris and DJ Rocca, entitled Works and released on Toy Tonics. You can still snag copies on Juno, on Beatport or by poking around here.

Photo via Discogs


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Artist: Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca
Title: Ero Disco Theme
Label: Toy Tonics
Release Date: April 18 2019