#ListenUp Dreamy Techno from Dispak’s Debut EP

Chris Child and Kasson Crooker aspire to tap the infinite on Dispak 1 and they nearly get there. The new EP from FOIL sees the two producers (Chris = Kodomo, Kasson = Symbion Project) drag techno into an ambient, almost IDM direction on their first collaboration, including the luscious, atmospheric “Ozornin”:

Just three tracks but the EP clocks in at 21 minutes of stellar, cosmic beats, as visualized by Dispak and processed via the legacy of Dr. Bob Moog and his wondrous machines. Available via Bandcamp.


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Artist: Dispak
Title: “Ozornin” (from Dispak 1 EP)
Label: FOIL
CAT: F-001
Release Date: Out now (digital)