Till von Sein‘s Tilly Jam is out with a funky four track EP from the duo of Phonk D and Siggatunez. “Distant View” boasts of a spectacular A-side and a remix by Javonntte and that’s what’s getting most of the attention.

On the b-side though are a couple of tried-and-tested jams that shouldn’t be overlooked. On “Let Me Love You” a pumpin’ energetic groove is wrapped up in thin ribbon of saxy brass and it’s hard to describe how well this works: Listen:

I love tracks like this that find out what they’re about and drive it into the ground. “Intermission” is a dreamy cut that closes out the record and also seems highly underrated. “Distant View” is out now on Tilly Jam via vinyl & digi.


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Artist: Phonk D and Siggatunez
Title: Distant View
Label: Tilly Jam
CAT: TJ008
Release Date: Out now