Motech bounces between wax and digital exclusives but there’s a consistent standard of quality techno throughout. DJ 3000 does some of the tireless work in the trenches of A&R for the label but does himself on the new Motech digital EP Sofra which will be released this week.

The title track is the interesting pick here. 3000 is one of those producers who just can’t help make shit funky, and there’s an almost Latin-sounding swing serving as the underpinning for a driving techno workout:

Of note from the bottom of the 1-sheet: DJ 3000 will be playing at Kala Festival in Dhermi, Albania on June 23 2018, and is apparently Albanian himself. I’ve never been but you know what they say – any people who can give the world John Belushi, Mother Theresa and DJ 3000 are great in my book.

Sofra is available for pre-order from Beatport and goes live on May 7 2018. Listen to the full EP here on 3000’s SoundCloud.

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Artist: DJ 3000
Title: Sofra EP
Label: Motech
CAT: MT116
Release Date: Digital, out May 7 2018