DJ Deano DNA breaks a piece off his stash on “C’mon,” a single from his prolific Bumpin’ Underground. Short of a pregnant pause right down in the middle, this is what you have come to expect if you’ve trawled through Traxsource enough to come into contact with this label’s catalog: vibey garage-house, relentlessly uptempo with stabby keys, wild whoops and vocal samples that keep it moving. The end can also be looped for an acapella nearly everything except those rousing chords drops out. It takes a working DJ to know what a working DJ wants and cool shit like this is one reason I fuck with this label’s tracks.

⚪️ Tracklisting

DJ Deano DNA: C'mon (Bumpin' Underground / May 2023 / Digital)
1. DJ Deano DNA: C'mon (5:43)

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This record was submitted as a promo.

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⚪️ #ListenUp DJ Deano DNA – Paradise (2022)


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