“(Respectfully)” is a track out of time for DJ Swisha and Kush Jones, a throwback to the early ’90s fuzzy lo-fi Chicago tracks that influenced the producers that would later star on Dance Mania, much like those producers would influence the producers of today. You can hear a touch of even something like Gene Farris‘ “Visions of the Future” here, it’s probably osmosis from the free floating vibes and radicals in the air but it’s a gorgeous hunk of house from Swisha and Jones. After this sets the table, “OMG” steers the rest of the EP into footwork, with the vocals floating above the beats like a spectral haze. Ethereal body music from a powerful combination of minds.

DJ Swisha & Kush Jones: (Respectfully) (February 2023 / Digital)
1. DJ Swisha & Kush Jones: (Respectfully) (03:30)
2. DJ Swisha & Kush Jones: OMG (04:04)
3. DJ Swisha & Kush Jones: Moron (03:57)
4. DJ Swisha & Kush Jones: Star of the Story (03:40)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.




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