I Found Love” sounds like a freight train driving through your living room and blowing open a tunnel to the discotheque next door. It doesn’t fuck around: it’s Chicago house in the sense that people who live in Chicago and actually listen to Chicago house use the term “Chicago house.” It gets right to the point as unapologetic dancefloor wreckers always do. The forthcoming single from Dubstar finds collaborators DJ Threejay and Patrick Wayne cranking out pumpin’ hooks and chunky beats, sampled disco strings and a filtered house revival. Between them Threejay and Wayne must have four or five decades of DJ experience, and even more measuring the flow of other DJs from Chicago doing the work and it’s clearly taught them well: every element of a disco house bomb is present, everything a DJ needs to deploy a workhorse track like this one right in the meaty part of a set.

⚪️ I Found Love Tracklisting

DJ Threejay & Patrick Wayne: I Found Love (Dubstar Recordings / Digital)
1. I Found Love (5:36)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


5 Mag Issue 208
Out July 2023

WE STILL CALL IT HOUSE: This was originally published in 5 Mag Issue #208 featuring the story of Chicago house music collective 3 Degrees Global, a tribute to DJ Deeon, a cover mix by and profile of Gratts, Detroit vocalist Diviniti, John Davis of the disco’s scariest orchestra, the great vanishing of pirate sites more. Help keep our vibe alive by becoming a member for $2/month and get every issue in your inbox right away!

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