Footwork, ghetto tech, speedy dragsters, sirens, a little filthy 2step smeared across the crust and an MC spitting verses about nitrous. It’s a raver’s Christmas wishlist and it’s a bass DJ’s Christmas miracle. Japan’s Arkuda Label tells no lies: the two tracks on their Fly EP are fly as fuck, slapping on every bell and whistle they have in their toolbox and somehow still holding it all together. These are two flavors from the same tree: DubGuy’s “Fly Dub” has more bounce in the bottom and more fun with the MC, Lewo Chyba’s “Fly With Acid” launches a swarm of squelch around those slick beats.

⚪️ Tracklisting

Dub Guy & Lewo Chyba: ARK009 / Fly EP (Arkuda Label)
1. DubGuy - Fly Dub (04:20)
2. Lewo Chyba - Fly with Acid (03:27)

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This record was not submitted as a promo.


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