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With sharper edges than a shattered beer bottle “Stronger” makes a devastating start to The Stimulus Pack, a new EP from EscaFlowne and out now on Sorry Records. There’s a wayward swagger to these five tracks, of music made of whole parts and then cut up in a blender until it’s a toxic cocktail of fragmented vocals, suicide riffs and off-kilter beats. This manic approach to jigsaw DAW collage holds together best on “Stronger” though Huey Mnemonic’s “Midnight Maurader Mix” of “BeyBah” with its ’90s breakbeat freak dream is full of flavor.

Photo via EscaFlowne on Bandcamp.


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EscaFlowne: The Stimulus Pack EP / Sorry Records
1. EscaFlowne: Stronger (04:16)
2. EscaFlowne: Drifter (06:31)
3. EscaFlowne: BeyBah (07:56)
4. EscaFlowne: BeyBah (Huey Mnemonic’s Midnight Marauder Mix) (06:04)
5. EscaFlowne: Tha Cycle VIP (06:53)

Artist: EscaFlowne
Title: Stronger (from The Stimulus Pack EP)
Label: Sorry Records
Release Date: June 26 2020 (Digital)