Searing deep house tracks stand up and stand out on Felix Leifur’s latest EP, Hamburg 3011. You might think from his name and the title that you’ve got another tech house EP in your wheelhouse, and I can’t really blame you: scanning through the charts it seems like every human being on the planet is making technically proficient drum loops and selling them on Boomkat.

But you’d be wrong, and like any pill freak knows, you gotta check the label. Dirt Crew is killing it with a bunch of EPs that are forward-thinking and adventurous but remain grounded in the beat of the mother drum. They are also extremely dancefloor friendly. This is another one.

“Between Us” is a thick funky soup of trippy ’70s P/Funk psychedelia, but the mood ring-like qualities of the title track got me by the back of the neck and ran my face through it. Massively dubby soul really sinks its hooks into you on “Hamburg 3011,” the kind of track that the verb “vibing” was made for. Listen up:

The whole EP is out now on Traxsource and on vinyl, listen to the whole thing on SoundCloud.

Photo via @felixleifur


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Artist: Felix Leifur
Title: Hamburg 3011
Label: Dirt Crew
Release Date: Out Now (digital + vinyl)