The first remix from Fort Romeau’s February 2022 album Beings of Light and Ghostly held nothing back. There is nothing more dangerous in dance music than Ron Trent when he’s inspired. He’s inspired now.

The Chicago pioneer has released his share of epic remixes in the last year and at nearly 10 minutes his energetic, soul-drenched remix of “The Truth” is maybe the best of them. Where the original was blurry and hypnotic, Trent’s remix is hyped to the heavens — coiling around a sinister bassline, sizzling hi hats and a work of art on the synth that is nothing less than sublime. I honestly think a DJ could play this three times in an hour or even back to back (though if you do, send me a video).

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Fort Romeau: The Truth (Ron Trent Remix) (Ghostly International) Track Listing
1. Fort Romeau: The Truth (Ron Trent Remix) (09:48)
2. Fort Romeau: The Truth (06:42)

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