A new 30D sublabel is reissuing the first tracks from Drexciya’s Gerald Donald’s Arpanet project since 2006.

Hydrostatic Equilibrium is a single-sided vinyl 12″ EP containing “Supernova Remnant” and “Main Sequence Star.” The tracks originally appeared on the split 30drop Meets Arpanet Phases EP in 2018.

Arpanet is a solo project from Drexciya core member Gerald Donald. The AIR-affiliated Record Makers label released the debut Arpanet album, Wireless Internet, in 2002. The project had mostly gone dormant after the 2006 album Inertial Frame (it’s since been revived for this record and the oddity “Einstein Ring.”)

Hydrostatic Equilibrium will be released January 10 2022 from 30D sublabel 30D ExoPlanets. Pre-order on Bandcamp or Clone.

Arpanet: Hydrostatic Equilibrium Track Listing
A1. Arpanet: Supernova Remnant
A2. Arpanet: Main Sequence Star

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Reflect PR.

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