If he didn’t have it already, let me be the first to bestow the honorific “maestro” on Gigi Testa.

For his work on “Atlantis,” Testa deserves all the accolades we have and some we’ll have to invent. With intentionally modest raw materials (“one drum machine and one synthesizer”), the A side of this record on Freedom Dance takes you on one hell of a sonic journey through a vortex of space and time. The lesson is obvious: it’s still about the artist and the vision, it’s only about the machine, the thousands of dollars in gear or software and the baubles of fame if we want it to be.

The flip is worth the cover price too: “Agua Fluida” fills up the sound spectrum with flowing effects powered by a bubbling little groove.


Gigi Testa: Atlantis Track Listing
A1. Gigi Testa: “Atlantis” (7:34)
B1. Gigi Testa: “Agua Fluida” (8:31)

Atlantas by Gigi Testa is out now on 12″ vinyl from Freedom Dance. Buy it here.

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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