Gullen hits that perfect pivot between noisy but emotive techno and loud but melodic deep house on Sumatra, the title track of his new EP from Germany’s Mobilee.

Well-produced, “Sumatra” highlights found sounds blending with deep percussion and a fuzzy buzzer that builds in intensity into a roar. I know little to nothing about Gullen but if they’re a young cat, a tip of the hat: this is a technique that is very easy to conceptualize but so very hard to pull off without losing the dancefloor. Listen up:

Mobilee 213, Sumatra, is out now exclusively on Beatport. Listen to the full EP on SoundCloud here.


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Artist: Gullen
Title: “Sumatra” (from Sumatra EP)
Label: Mobilee
Release Date: April 19, 2019 (digital)


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