There are buried treasures in the compact but powerful House of EFUNK catalog.

People Of Earth and most recently Papaya Records are among the labels that have captured on black wax the frenetic live action of a Hazmat set, but this is next level.

The Detroit musician and live techno improv aficionado has made a slinky but uptempo cover of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love,” driven by a steady metronome of percussion, squawk box vocals and blurry chords. Remixes abound here, and the sweet meat is in the spaced-out soul of Delano Smith’s deep house remix, the big jazz chords that take center stage in Charlie Soul Clap‘s instrumental and the frantic shimmy of Hijacked Records’ Antwon Faulkner’s chord-happy love-up:

This was released on vinyl-only by Soul Clap’s House of EFUNK label (the founding of which you can read about here). Thankfully there are still a few available at Bandcamp.

Hazmat LIVE: No Ordinary Love (Remixes) (House of EFUNK) Track Listing
A1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Get the Strap
A2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Secure the Bag
B1. Detroit’s Filthiest: Failure 2 Launch
B2. Detroit’s Filthiest: Motor City Blues

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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