Hector Ram Midnight Sounds

Hector Ram heads Short Attention Records and is bringing the heat on this new vinyl-only release. Midnight Sounds is an EP true to the roots of Detroit techno and Chicago tracks without being derivative. The title track reverberates with that bouncing basement thump — the rhythms that you feel in your gut before you hear it with your ears — and that unapologetic love for the motherbeat carries over throughout the four original tracks on Midnight Sounds. If you’re a fan of records by people like Santiago Salazar or Rolando, this is a record for you.

Hector Ram: Midnight Sounds EP (Short Attention Records / 12″ Vinyl / February 2023)
A1. Hector Ram: “Midnight Sounds” (6:08)
A2. Hector Ram: “For Our Small Parties” (6:27)
B1. Hector Ram: “Dear Dancefloor” (5:06)
B2. Hector Ram: “On The Road” (4:19)
B3. Hector Ram: “On The Road” (Generation Next remix) (4:47)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


Originally published in 5 Mag issue 203 featuring Beyond Heaven: reconstructing Chicago house music history through Mario “Liv It Up” Luna’s flyer collection, plus Milton Jackson, Damian Rausch, the DJ King of Donetsk & more. Help support 5 Mag by becoming a member for just $1 per issue.

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