A very strong two track EP from Henna Onna making her debut on the roster of our good friends at Closer To Truth. Machine learning tools suggest “Midori no Basho” means “green place.” If we’ve not been mislead, the title track is a fittingly delicate piece, like translucent glass or porcelain, opening with field recordings of birdsong before a slow, steady pulse eases in, enveloped by the lingering trill of a fragmented piano melody and synths that sway like a very gentle tide.

“Linh” is a more straight-forward 4/4 deep house track — a square electro bassline diving beneath crackling drums, claps, warm pads and a breathless whisper.

⚪️ Tracklisting

Henna Onna: Midori No Basho (Closer To Truth / Digital)
1. Henna Onna: Midori No Basho (6:26)
2. Henna Onna: Linh (4:48)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


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