The label stickers for Ian Pooley’s Studio A series depict the equipment he’s made the tracks with, like musicians posing for a band photo. They’re as notable as the music: this time, the Roland Space Echo tape delay and DC-50 Digital Chorus from Vol 1 been joined in an ensemble featuring a Yamaha PortaSound PSS-480 and a what looks like a Soundcraft Ghost mixing console.

And after the credits are assigned, we get down to the music: deep, raw tracks, stripped down to base metals and elements. “JV Organ & Matrix” comes in two versions, as if just one for that piping synth riff wasn’t enough (and it wasn’t). These are marvelous tracky pieces and near essential:

Studio A Part 2 is out now on 12″ vinyl from Rekids.

Ian Pooley: Studio A Part 2 Track Listing
1. Ian Pooley: JV Organ & Matrix (05:28)
2. Ian Pooley: JV Organ & Matrix (Version 2) (05:27)
3. Ian Pooley: Back Up (06:11)
4. Ian Pooley: 101202 (06:24)
5. Ian Pooley: Back Up (Beats Bass) (05:10)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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