Oh this is the dope shit. Andy Vaz is one of the most supremely underrated producers, an unassuming bloke who just hands you a record in a plain white sleeve and leaves before it blows up your hi fi system.

He’s loaded up on Sankolige, a new EP out now on vinyl. “Help Me” and “Sankolige” are two bright & brilliant original tracks from Andy, with the rootsy, stripped down and sleek “Help Me” taking a top slot ahead of the star-stuffed deep house gem “Sankolige.” But – and here’s the real thing – Javonntte and Mimid are enlisted to remix both tracks and do a stunning job of it. Their remix of “Help Me” might be my track of the year. You can get lost in the space between the beats. Listen:

Listen to the EP here. Sankolige is out now on vinyl, available digitally starting September 13.


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Artist: Andy Vaz
Title: Help Me (Javonntte & Mimid remix)
Label: wewillalwaysbealovesong
Release Date: Out now, Sept 13 digital on Traxsource