Every single day a DJ should wake up and hit their knees to the ground, grateful and thankful they live in a world where Jovonn is making records. Indoors, a three track EP on Body’N Deep dropped digitally in early November, made it out on vinyl just before the end of the month and it’s a must-have record for DJs however they play and however many people they play for.

“Get Together” (BND Remix) retrofits some spare parts from Jovonn’s own incredible remix on St. Germain’s Tourist Travel Versions remix LP released earlier this year. It’s essentially a director’s cut or a continuation — fan service for those who loved the first or deep discovery for those who missed it.

There’s also a new mix of Jovonn’s classic “Deep End Theme” from 2010 and a new track — an adventurous, epic deep house jam called “I Am Man.”

Indoors is out as of November 2021; get it on vinyl or digital from Body’N Deep.

Jovonn: Indoors EP Track Listing
1. Jovonn: Get Together (Jovonn’s BND Remix)
2. Jovonn: I Am Man
3. Jovonn: Deep End (Techno Club Theme)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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