Recently I wrote a thing about Ra-Soul, who is among the top 10 deep house producers of all time on the list made by anyone that matters. If we’re going to break modern dance music down to elementary particles, though, you have to put JT Donaldson in that equation too. Donaldson’s discography is – in a word – staggering, but here’s the thing: it gets better every time you look at it. EPs like Duality are also in the top 10 lists made by those who know, but there’s about 20 or 30 in there (no, really) that feel as contemporary or as classic as you like. Like Decked Out with Lance DeSardi or Back To You. Just dozens of them.

Lately JT Donaldson has been enjoying a periodic turn in the spotlight with “Stay Inside” and this jam-packed five track EP from Mark Farina‘s Great Lakes Audio. Faces purports to explore “the sounds that launched him into the stratosphere” and you do hear the moody synths and jacking percussion that have been essential to the deeper side of JT Donaldson’s CV. Of the five tracks, the lead “Through With You” stands out for sure:

Faces is out now on digital from Great Lakes Audio.


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Artist: JT Donaldson
Title: Through With You
Label: Great Lakes Audio
Release Date: June 7 2019