cahoots jackson ryland

Jackson Ryland and Jus Nowhere make up Rush Plus, a Washington DC based label that releases some pretty outstanding records.

The two split an EP released a couple of months ago on Cahoots Records, a NYC-based label, called Foldin’ & Rollin’. Despite having a release party showcase with our friend Rissa Garcia, I only dug into this one now. Shame!

It’s a great, versatile record. Picking between Jackson Ryland’s A side and Jus Nowhere’s B Side is probably like picking between favorite offspring but Jus Nowhere has a basement beat that I love. It reminds me of Karizma’s lo-fi beginnings, grinding out records with minimal equipment but a whole lotta luv. Check out Jus Nowhere’s “The 1” here, and that mind-blowing fake-out fade starting at 3:20 on the original:

Clips for the whole thing are streaming on SoundCloud.

Foldin’ & Rollin’ EP is vinyl-only from Cahoots Records. Copies are still in stock at and Halcyon in the States.


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Artist: Jus Nowhere
Title: “The 1” (from Foldin’ & Rollin’)
Label: Cahoots Records
Release Date: Vinyl only, out now.