The long intro to “Lost” provides ample opportunity for sound design and it’s here where Ken Hayakawa shines.

The track is just one of the high points of Stripped Down 004, but it’s the one that casts the longest and most impenetrable shadow. The regular rhythm keeps it firmly to this side of ambient music but those rich textures and effects paint in tones that most club-oriented techno and house doesn’t have in its palette.

“Sonic Wave” gets remixed by a couple of electronic titans: John Tejada‘s fresh take and the dubby, submerged juke joint jazz of Freerange artist Whitesquare.

Interesting EP – I suspect the people who like the latter won’t have much interested in the more dense and mental side of Hayakawa’s record and vice-versa, but no question he offers up sprawling, album-like aspirations on this project.

You can listen to the rest of the EP, including the John Tejada and Whitesquare remixes of “Sonic Wave,” here. Lost/Sonic Wave are out in mid-November; Beatport is taking pre-orders.

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Artist: Ken Hayakawa
Title: Lost
Label: Stripped Down
Release Date: November 15 2018 (digital)