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Nineteen years after the release of Spirit of the Sun (Compost), Kyoto Jazz Massive pressed play on Message From A New Dawn. The album, which was released in the last hours of 2021, was a hit for those who can tap into the future jazz sound of Kyoto Jazz Massive, with the Okino brothers from Japan inviting featured players like Roy Ayers, Vanessa Freeman and Toni Economides to jam along.

All of those players are represented here too, on Kaiti Tatham’s remix of “Get Up.” Keys from Tatham reach out and embrace the soulful sound of Roy Ayers on the vibraphone. The original is a dream for a talented remixer: live bass and percussion are met soul-to-soul by Kaidi Tatham’s broken beat sound. It’s tight, like a really bright after hours mix of the Brand New Heavies, a groove that forms a tight circle around the band and takes everyone to a new level.

Kyoto Jazz Massive ft. Roy Ayers: Get Up Remixes (Extra Freedom / Digital)
1. Kyoto Jazz Massive: Get Up ft. Roy Ayers (Kaidi Tatham Remix) (06:05)
2. Kyoto Jazz Massive: Get Up ft. Roy Ayers (Kaidi Tatham Remix Inst) (06:05)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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