One hundred and eighteen records in the books from Nordic Trax and number one hundred and eighteen hits the spot.

Danford is a new five track EP from La Deep, a South African producer who returns from a five year hiatus. Living up to the moniker, this is moody, deep, nodding stuff, especially the title track which seems to shake with powerful vibes like a hunk of radioactive thorium emits gamma rays. Gavin Boyce’s remix of the same track is upfront and groovy. “Mos Lira No Kante” is the other stand-out track, with spring-loaded bouncy percussion and chords held so long they’re almost immobile. It masters the rare trick of seeming to become louder without touching the levels at all — just through layering and a driving intensity that picks up momentum.

La Deep’s Danford EP is out now digitally wherever you buy your shit.

La Deep: Danford EP (Nordic Trax / Digital)
1. La Deep: Danford (6:48)
2. La Deep: Danford (Gavin Boyce remix) (7:25)
3. La Deep: Skin (5:05)
4. La Deep: Requin Taureau (6:49)
5. La Deep: Mos Lira No Kante (6:59)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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