Hands up if you had Lars Behrenroth dropping a gnarly as fuck acid track for the summer of 2023. No doubt he was always capable, but aesthetically his music navigates toward far more soulful and steady vibes than this wondrously discombobulated Chicago-style acid track. “Is It” stinks of 303s, 909s and the grimy dust of machine funk, stuttering along with patterns until it collides headfirst into a wholly different but related sound, most similar to a JM Silk-style early Chicago house track. There’s a familiarness to “Is It” that I might be missing — there might be a really clever phrase or reference here, but I’m absolute rubbish at identifying those.

This is almost effortless, showing that Behrenroth has forgotten more about house music than most of us will ever learn.

⚪️ Is It Tracklisting

Lars Behrenroth: Is It (Deeper Shades Recordings / Digital)
1. Is It (08:44)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.

⚪️ Previous Coverage

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