Just drown me in this music and I’ll die happy and without complaint. “Can’t Wait” is a four track EP dropped by +98 out of Berlin, and I’m going to have a hard time finding a slab of black wax that tops this. The original mix is just a dime of pure, unadulterated underground happiness — to quote Charlie Mingus, if God has better shit than this on hand, He’s keeping it for himself.

Deep house with a garage influence becomes UKG with a deep house vibe on the L&F remix of the title track. The b-side features more in the same vein, with the lo fi vacuum-pumped “Ring The Alarm” (a great lead-off track if I ever heard one) and the cut-up bass-bending psychosis of “Who’s Laughing Now.” From God’s stash to your ears right here.

⚪️ Can’t Wait Tracklisting

Lavan: Can't Wait (+98 / 12" Vinyl)
A1. Can't Wait
A2. Can't Wait (L&F Remix)
B1. Ring The Alarm
B2. Who's Laughing Now

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was submitted as a promo.


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