The PR elves are rustling and we have confirmation of a hard date of August 24 2018 for the release of Russian producer and ex-5 Mag cover model Lay-Far‘s LP War Is Over, out on his own In-Beat-Ween Music.

Listen to the jazz-infused beat revival and lead-in track for War Is Over, “Sirius Rising,” here:

War Is Over is the follow-up to How I Communicate, which caused a sensation when it was released in 2016 by the friendly folk at Local Talk. War Is Over features collaborations with artists Stee Downes, Recloose, Phil Gerus, Andy Compton and Pete Simpson, who was featured on the first single from War Is Over, “Be The Change.”

War Is Over will be out digitally, via 2×12″ vinyl and more on August 24, 2018.


1. Lay-Far: Sirius Rising
2. Lay-Far: Decentralized Spiritual Autonomy VS Riddim Research Lab
3. Lay-Far: Be The Change Feat. Pete Simpson
4. Lay-Far: PPL LV (Tag Yourself)
5. Lay-Far: The Pressure – The Release VS Recloose
6. Lay-Far: Blow My Mind
7. Lay-Far: Never Good Enough For You Feat. Stee Downes
8. Lay-Far: Vast And Infinite
9. Lay-Far: Market Economy VS Culture (The Year Of The Underdog)
10. Lay-Far: Sweet Mess
11. Lay-Far: Over Feat. Stee Downes
12. Lay-Far: Draw The Curtains (The Rain Comes Down)
13. Lay-Far: Forgiveness Is Bliss Feat. Jesse Futerman
14. Lay-Far: The Warmth Of The Night (Outro)

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Artist: Lay-Far
Title: Sirius Rising (from War Is Over)
Label: In-Beat-Ween Music
Release Date: August 24 2018