Garrett David hones a steel edge to his tracks on “Lost & Found,” a new EP from Spain’s Mate Records. The titles seem to emphasize the back-of-the-crate origin of these tracks (“Mike Experiment,” “Sassy Lead And A Familiar Bark,” “Whatever, Whatever.”) I think I’ve written about most if not all of Garrett’s records and they all share this purpose-built feel – they’re records made for DJs playing in nightclubs, not people listening at home, and on that count they never fail.

“Whatever, Whatever” sneaks in as the secret hit on this release – so very versatile, you can put anything on either side of this track and it blends in effortlessly without losing its strong voice (that riff is low-key addicting). Listen up:

Listen to the full EP here or get it on Juno.


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Artist: Garrett David
Title: “Whatever, Whatever” (Lost & Found EP)
Label: Mate Records
Release Date: March 23 2020