The Stingray Nebula is the youngest formation of its kind visible from Earth – a dying star illuminated its shroud of gas that looks a bit like the fish it was named after.

Very cool in its own right, and also the namesake of the new EP on Dirt Crew Recordings from Berlin-based duo OUER. Xaver and Oliver’s five track Stingray Nebula EP drops today and it’s techno/jazz/deep delight, sometimes all three at the same time, in the same track, even in the same moment.

Among the highlights are the stacked celestial arpeggios of the title track, the electronic soul of “Inside” and the luscious deep vibes of “Undine.” Listen here:

OUER’s Stingray Nebula drops today on vinyl from Dirt Crew and digital from Traxsource.


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Artist: OUER
Title: Stingray Nebula EP
Label: Dirt Crew Recordings
Release Date: February 11 (vinyl & digital)