“Rickey Corey and the NDATL All-Stars” would be a better name for the new NDATL release. Rarely will you see this much talent put together for one album, much less a three track remix EP.

The keys of Ricky Corey weave a third, persistent voice in the blind Cape Verdean’s smooth, funky cover of Bernard Wright’s 1985 single “Who Do You Love?” The actual voices are NDATL fixture Kayenne (featured on the 2017 release “Hey Young World”) and “Ontoni,” a 27 year old alias that was fished from the oblivion of history by one Chez Damier.

Josh Milan takes it into his boogie workshop and emerges with an intense 8 minute mix with a desperately pleading vocal, and a second godly 16 minute instrumental funk jam:

Not a lot of NDATL records have a digital release and that’s part and parcel of the appeal of some of them (for example, NDATL’s latest special edition, which it’s not hyperbole to say is one of the most sought-after pieces of new vinyl in the scene right now). Kai Alce does it right with a bonus mix on the vinyl, which you can pick up in a few spots. The digital is out now on Traxsource.


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Artist: The Ricky Corey Collective
Title: “Who Do You Love?” (Josh Milan Honeycomb Xtended Basement Dubstramental)
Label: NDATL Muzik
Release Date: Vinyl + Digital Out Now