Rocksteady Disco has an inside line on one of the tracks (the real tracks) of the summer.

According to the liner notes, Pontchartrain debuted “Afterlife” as a dubplate at the Red Bull Stage of Movement 2016. I’m not sure if there is a reliable recording of the crowd reaction, but one can only assume it’ll be the same as yours when this one descends on your soul like a thundercloud. I won’t ruin it for you… but what you think is coming is really coming:

This is being pressed as a 33 1/3rd RPM 7 inch by Rocksteady Disco with Blair French’s “Pool” on the flip. For a label that has already set the bar high, this one raises it higher.

On sale now via bandcamp.


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Artist: Pontchartrain
Title: “Afterlife”
Label: Rocksteady Disco
Release Date: April 15, 2019


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