#ListenUp: Art of Tones Launches a Hell Cannon of Funk on Double Wheelin’

The b-side for Where The One Is marks Art of Tones auspicious return to Local Talk.

If you want to know where the Cajuals, the Strictly Rhythms, even the Prescriptions of the modern age reside, bring a coat because it’s cold in Sweden. Local Talk has been firing hell cannons of funk and recent records from Crackazat, Jamie 3:26, Atjazz, Lay-Far and other giants who save their best for Local Talk releases have taken the label to a new elevation.

Up next is this b-side from Art of Tones, making a return to Local Talk with Where The One Is. Named (one would suppose) for the downbeat, Where The One Is packs an absolute blast of crowdpleasers, among the best is “Double Wheelin’.”

Strange for a label that presses vinyl, new Local Talk EPs and LPs arrive with the precision and punctuality of another era. After selling out the test pressing on Bandcamp, Where The One Is is the next in line.

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Artist: Art of Tones
Title: Where The One Is
Label: Local Talk
Release Date: April 2018.