Sebastian Döring resurfaces to remind everyone what we’ve been missing with a new Lovebirds EP, provocatively (at least for those in the States) named Mar-A-Lago. The “Mar-A-Lago Sunset Theme” is as light and breezy as you would imagine, a foot in smooth ’70s R&B instrumentals with a juicy disco edge. Everything sounds alive and lovely, especially a crystal clean bass that duels with a strumming guitar.

The b-side “Great Ocean Road” imagines a drive with the ocean at your side along the great Australian motorway. Slinky soul zapped with THC fuzz, the 7 minute track breaks down halfway through and reconstructs around a celestial, heady groove.

Production by Lovebirds, drums on the b-side by Black Loops and nearly everything else by Declan McDermott.

Lovebirds ft. Declan McDermott: Mar-A-Lago EP (Teardrop Recordings / March 10 2023)
1. Lovebirds ft. Declan McDermott: Mar-A-Lago Sunset Theme (6:29)
2. Lovebirds ft. Declan McDermott: Great Ocean Road (7:03)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.





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