When Sebastian Döring releases a track, drop what you’re doing and head to a well-ventilated area because the spirit is about to get her hooks in you. His work in the last three years under the now infamous Lovebirds alias has ranged from quirky left-field electronica to deep house and disco and quite a few local stops inbetween. The common denominator is they’re always in serious demand by discriminating DJs.

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This month Döring returns to Peppermint Jam – scene of the crime for his 2017 pyrotechnic “Closer To You” with Mousse T. – for New Shit Has Come To Light. The relevance to The Big Lebowski is unclear – maybe it’s what Döring said to Mousse T. when he blew a deadline and lost his studio time to a bunch of nihilists. These three tracks are funky as fuck, “Glove” a slow-moving tornado of horns and FX and lost voices buried in the mix. “Da Sixty” belongs to a genre that exists only in my head – it’s one of those buzzy, groovy tracks that make me think of Gene Farris, Diz and Red Dog in the fallow hours after midnight:

The three tracks on New Shit Has Come To Light are available now on Traxsource and if you make a full EP buy today this should probably be it.


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Artist: Lovebirds
Title: New Shit Has Come To Light
Label: Peppermint Jam
Release Date: December 20 2019