Previously known for his atmospheric, almost ambient records released under the name “Marsbeing,” Ukrainian producer Lugovskiy throws down a little uptempo and highly polished boogie for the unequivocally on-point Closer To Truth.

Balcony Party is immaculately produced and arranged, but imbibed with a warm and vibrant soul. Without relying on effects or sweeping synths or generic percussion builds, the title track “Balcony Party” is one hell of a jam, enough that your dance floor will probably want more than 5:47 of this.

Closer To Truth has broken their fair share of artists in the deep house scene; Lugovskiy’s debut on the label is bound to be yet another notable one.

Balcony Party is out now digitally from Traxsource.

Lugovskiy: Balcony Party (Closer To Truth) Track Listing
1. Lugovskiy: Skanky Chord (6:38)
2. Lugovskiy: Balcony Party (5:47)
3. Lugovskiy: Downhill (6:08)



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⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label.

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