ron hardy

Interesting release here on DJ Hell’s imprint featuring DJ M-Traxxx aka Manny Cuevas, a longtime DJ and old school Chicago house enthusiast.

This release is “dedicated to the legendary Chicago club, The Muzik Box and its resident DJ Ron Hardy,” featuring touched up and expanded-upon raw tracks previously “only on cassette tapes.” “Liquid Love” sounds like it was made using Larry Heard’s Juno-60 and 909 from “Can You Feel It,” but given the imprint and the ferocity, there’s no question that “Acid On Anotha Level” is going to be the breakout from this release.

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A Tribute 2 Tha Muzik Box is out now digitally from DJ Hell’s The DJ Hell Experience.

DJ M-Traxxx: A Tribute 2 Tha Muzik Box (The DJ Hell Experience) Track Listing
1. DJ M-Traxxx: Liquid Love (8:59)
2. DJ M-Traxxx: Acid On Another Level (9:02)
3. DJ M-Traxxx: Pleasure Dome (Gay Version) (8:36)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by the label.

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