Collaborative tracks from Michael The Lion and Amy Douglas have now had the notable distinction of being remixed by both John Morales (“Find A Way” and “Drink You Up”) and now Tom Moulton, both in the same year. How many artists can say that? How many under 50? If there’s one there’s not two, aside from Michael and Amy who place their art in the hands of the legendary mixer with “Get It On.”

Get It On was previously released on the 2017 Michael The Lion EP and gets shaken down into A Tom Moulton Mix that could have emerged from magnetic tape in a Stone Mountain vault. Rubbery base and a quick uptempo swing sets the scene for Amy Douglas’ vocal eruption — a sound that rivals all three Pointer Sisters together on “Happiness” and with that same skippy vibe all the way through.

We’re all over this. Pick up the Tom Moulton Mix of “Get It On” right now on Bandcamp.


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Artist: Michael The Lion featuring Amy Douglas
Title: Get It On (Tom Moulton 2020 Mix)
Label: Soul Clap Records
Release Date: November 6 2020